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Replacement Windows Resource Library


The Window Experts believe that by providing as much information about replacement windows and the replacement windows process, we help to create an educated consumer.  The more everyone involved knows about the process, the better the process will be.  The following links are some additional information we have compiled to help you with your window buying adventure.


Find out how replacement window ratings are used to determine window performance

Discusses what are the measures that are used for testing the performance of a window and how to make sense of them in the real world.


See What Consumer Reports has to say about replacement window reviews.

Gives the results of Consumer Reports testing for windows and doors.  Additional commentary is provided to better understand the options and details of the report.


Learn What Makes an Energy Efficient Window

What makes up and energy efficient window?  Understanding the basic mechanics of a replacement window will help you to determine the most efficient window for your needs.


Installing Replacement Windows

There are many different ways to install a replacement window.  It is important to understand that the installation is just as important as the type of window you install.  This page discusses several different installation methods.