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Get a quote that’s the right buy… not “BUY RIGHT NOW”


The Window Experts understands that choosing to purchase replacement windows is not a small decision and certainly not a decision to be made with a window salesperson breathing down your neck at your dining room table after a two hour sales presentation.

Our process is simple:  you call us to come and visit and that is what we are going to do, visit.  The initial consultation is a fact finding mission, not a sales pitch.   We are going to ask some questions (don’t worry there is no pass/fail here), get some measurements, and show you the products that are going to best fit your needs. presentation.

Unless you ask, we will not corral you and subject you to a senseless mental beating by trying to close the sale.  Instead, we will take the information from the visit home with us.  In 24-48 hours you will receive a detailed proposal for your replacement window package that includes all product and installation costs with no hidden fees or slick pricing gimmicks.

Your time is too important to be spent getting the “slick pitch” from multiple window companies. Simply call us and we can provide a no hassle, easy to understand solution for your needs.